Women’ s cape Handira

Women’ s cape Handira. Wool natural dyes. High Atlas mountains – Morocco – Agoudal village – Hait Hdiddou people. Early 20th. century. Very good condition. Dimension cm. 168 x 127 (68 x 50 inches). KRT – KATT
Rare brown, black and white weft striped hendira women’ s cape with a dark blue small stripe at one head.
This is a beautiful traditional Berber shawl handwoven by the women of the Ait Hdiddou tribe in a remote area of the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Made of tightly woven natural dyed wool, it would have been worn wrapped around the wearer's shoulders for warmth and protection against the biting mountain winds. These shawls are still worn today, especially by young Berber girls attending the yearly Wedding moussem (festival) in Imilchil. The colours woven into the shawl and the alignment of stripes reflect the specific tribe to which the girl belonged, as well as her social position within that tribe. price on request.

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