Turkmen camel cover

Antique Turkmen silk embroidered bridal camel side cover pair. Silk, cotton, velvet. Tekkè / Yomud tribe. Central Asia. Late 19th. century. Very good condition. Cm. 110 x 135 (3'7" x 4'5")each.
Called a “kuroma”, this trapping was one of a pair that hung down on each of the camel’s flanks in a Turkmen bridal procession. They were usually backed with a variety of different fabrics, such as Russian printed cotton; Turkmen handwoven stripes (alacha); or local block-printed cotton (chit). Please note some charming ‘amulets’ composed of silk embroidery on a cotton ground. The designs are usually talismanic or fertility symbols with the rams horn motif emphasizing the protective association given to the animal by most people of Central Asia.Price on request.

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