Tashkent suzani

Suzani. Six cotton panels with silk and wool embroidery on cotton. Tashkent region. Central Asia. Mid. 19th. century. Excellent condition. Cm. 204 x 248 (80" x 98"). SOLD. A large, extremely decorative and colorful embroidery from Central Asia, possibly from the Tashkent region. Fully embroidered throughout with silk thread on a cotton or linen ground cloth, such embroideries are considered by some to be extremely collectible. Undoubtedly there are a number of this type of textile in the marketplace, but few in as good condition as this particular example.
Four rows of three large red roundels characterize this pattern. It has been variously identified as representing suns or moons, a sky pattern, or the firmament (see Tschepelewezkaja, Suzani (1991), p. 130, Pl. 40, where such a piece is identified as a Paljak from the Arabic falak = sky or firmament), but it would appear the idea underlying this design is floral. The unusually broad border has two narrowbands filled with sequences of small red blossoms and deep-blue leaf-circles edged in black.Usually, the more colors a Tashkent susani has the older it is. This example has a high range of colors (cyclamen, black, dark blue green, light cadmium red, light ultramarine blu, primary yellow, burn sienna, light orange, lemon yellow, deep green). Price on request.

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