Senufo talisman

Sculpture. Bronze. Senufo people. Ivory Coast. Early 20th. century. Very good condition. Cm. 12 x 8h.(5" x 3" h.).SOLD. Purchased from Weston Auction Gallery, Coventry, CT 06238 From the estate of Mr. Eugene Kingsley 2005. Gotham Gallery NYC. This well cast bronze showing four linked figures, standing in a row, poised with their hands touching their abdomen, is unique in shape and image. Each figure is adorned with a series of spiral decorations. The lower section of the amulet is adorned with fine cross-atched design. Among the Senufo of the Ivory Coast art plays a prominent role in their ceremonial and ritual life. Small bronze or brass cast figures such as this were used during Sando divination by the priestess to contact the spirit world and determine issues that were troubling the client. The diviner, most often a woman, would cast these metal figures as well as cowry shells and other things and interpret them as they fell after being shaken while a question was put to the various objects before they were dropped. Upon occasion small figures would be worn by individuals as a sign they had seen a diviner and as a talisman to protect them in the future. This talisman comes with a custom made stand. SOLD

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