Pile carpet Avar

Pile carpet "Avar". Wool traditional dyes. Kumik ? people. Northern Daghestan region of the Northeast Caucasus Mountain. Early 20th. century. Very good condition with one cut professionally rewoven. Cm. 156 x 210 (5'1" x 6'11"). Probably made by the Kumik people in the Timur-Shah-Shura area circa 1900,comes in excellent original condition for the collector or decorator. The archaic field design of this rug probably stems from a different tradition to that of the other textiles of Caucasia. The Kumiks have been in Daghestan since the 7th century having arrived from Central Asia via the steppe north of the Caspian Sea bringing with them a heritage different from the rest of the region. Archaic in nature, the motif is pre-Islamic and harks back to the Central Asian animistic and shamanistic societies of antiquity. This specimen is all wool in construction with mostly natural dyes. There are small areas of red in the border that were unstable causing slight transfer. The red and blue used for the field composition are natural dyes as is the light blue ground color in the border. The pile condition is quite excellent with allover medium heigh. This weaving is clean and collection ready. It makes a boldly dramatic visual statement as a wall hanging. This carpet is strong and sturdy. It can be immediately placed down as a decorative floor covering in the home or office with a high quality rug pad placed underneath. SOLD.

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