Geringsing. Hand-spun cotton , traditional dyes, double ikat method. Tenganan Pegerisingsingan village - Bali. Early 20th. century. Dimension cm. 40 x 204 ( 1'4" x 6'8"). Very good condition.
According to textile expert John Guy, "the ancestry of Balinese geringsing is far from clear, although some cloths display the unmistakable influence of patola, the silk double ikats produced in Gujarat during the height of the Spice Trade (16-17C). Many of these imported cloths became the inspiration for later locally-made textiles, but one theory is that the Balinese-made cloths were exported to India and copied there for production to Asian markets. Geringsing are regarded as sacred cloths, "ascribed supernatural properties, especially to assist in forms of healing, including exorcism. Gering means disease and sing means no.
By virtue of their magical qualities geringsing are not only capable of keeping impurities and danger out of the village, but also shield and protect humans from baleful influences during rites of passage as they transition from one phase of life to the next. SOLD

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