Felt Shyrdak

Felt “ Shyrdak”. Wool. kirghizistan. Early 20th. century or before. Very good condition. Cm. 137 x 322 (4'6" x 10'7"). Some minor tears and holes. Nice colors.
This truly tribal antique felt represents one of the oldest crafts practiced by man since the domestication of sheep and one vital to life on the often harsh Eurasian steppe. Central Asian felt carpets are made by sewing colorful reciprocal felt forms onto a felt foundation. This technique is known by the Kyrgyz as “shyrdak”. In true nomad style and sensibility, artistic thought and effort are exerted in making a utilitarian domestic object. Felts such as this one were used to insulate the yurt and generally lasted for about ten years until they were recycled. Price on request.

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