Ceramic tile Kamashiki

Ceramic tile "Kamashiki". Oribe plate for tea. Ceramic. Japan. Taisho era (1912 - 1926). Very good condition. Cm. 28 x 28 (11" x 11").
This is a "Kamashiki", tile to be used during tea ceremony. "Kamashiki" is used to place "Kama" which are made of cast iron, used to heat the water to make tea. As tea drinking grew in popularity, more utensils had to be produced. Each centre produced wares typical to them, Seto being the most important. Here, the pots were produced under the direction of a variety of tea masters, the most famous of whom is Furuta Oribe (1580-1615). Glazes were thick and opaque, and were decorated with flowers, houses and geometric patterns in blue and green, the traits characteristic of Oribe ware. Price on request.

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