Canoe prow

Canoe prow. Wood. Upper Sepik River, New Guinea. Circa 1950's. Cm. 15 x 70 (6" x 2'4"). LTT – AET This type of prow is made only in the upper reaches of the Sepik, at the junction of the April and May rivers. The entire form of the prow is an abstract crocodile head. It is carved with a series of abstract hornbill heads which are clan symbols. (For a full discussion of this symbolism, see Douglas Newton, "Crocodile and Cassowary"). The prow is an elaborate structure which extends from the canoe, overhanging the water.This prow was formerly in the Alan Christenesen Collection and the catalogue number CC61620 is written on the artwork. Alan Christenesen was the CEO of Utah Mining in Australia and started a corporate tribal art collection. When he retired part of the collection was donated to museums in Australia and his native Canada. Most of the balance of the collection was auctioned by Sotheby' s Australia to fund the Christenesen Fund, a charitable trust. This piece was purchased at the Sotheby' s auction. This prow comes with a custom made stand. SOLD.

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