Boucherouite rag rug 1

Boucherouite rag rug. Wool, cotton, textile scraps. Morocco. 2nd. half 20th. century. Very good condition. Dimension cm. 265 x 157 (104 x 62 inches).
The rag rugs of Morocco, colloquially referred to as Boucherouite, only became known on the international art market in 2009 via their presentation by some exhibitions. The context out which these rugs emerge is one of Berber women in Morocco adapting traditional skills of weaving to modern realities such as the rarity of the tradition' s most important material, wool, as well as dramatic social and economic change. Necessity, the mother of invention, has led these women to improvise, replacing wool with old cloth and synthetic fibres in order to continue weaving and thereby producing these rugs. But the improvisation has in fact gone much deeper, into the soul of this weaving culture, infecting the patterns, colours and traditional aestethics, in effect giving birth to a new vernacular language. SOLD.

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