Anatolian kilim fragment

Kilim fragment. Wool. Eastern Anatolia. First half 19th. Century. Very good condition Cm. 86 x 180 (2’10” x 5’11”). Mounted on white linen. SOLD.
The star (olduz) is one of the most popular motif we can find in Middle East weavings. It is seen in its origin form or variations. In the original, the star has eight points and is configured as a cross with notched limbs.
The large field of this kilim has a particular rendering based on the star motif with a frequently seen variation in which multiple parallel lines radiate outward from the main body of the star has been enclosed within an hexagonal shape (these lines have been interpreted to represent rays of light).
There is a significant range of color each from natural dye sources including shades of red from both madder root and insect cochineal, light green, shades of light pink, blue, black , white and purple.
Price available upon request.

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