About me

It is said that many dealers begin their careers as collectors, and this is also true of me.
I have been involved with textile and tribal art for 25 years as aficionado, collector and now for the last years, as a dealer. My passion grew steadily during many years spent traveling and visiting many times Near and Far East, North Africa and Central Asia.
For 19 years I owned the well reputed www.nonplusultra.com website, eventually selling the domain in 2015. In the same time I also owned a gallery in Mantua where I exhibited an extensive selection of interior design objects, antique textiles, rugs and tribal art objects.
Today I deal from home by appointment and online thru my new website. Without the overheads of a gallery, I can offer real value on the old, rare and beautiful pieces I source from around the world.
My philosophy is collecting and appreciating Tribal Art as an intricately weave with our own identities; our own and personal way of looking into the world of aesthetics, of forms and colors. I seek and offer art objects which tend to highlight at best this invisible link which unites people across time, space and culture.